Rice Bran oil Production Line

  • Type:
  • Edible oil solvent extraction workshop
  • Processing Materrial:
  • Rice bran,soybean,sunflower seed cake,canola cake,peanut cake,etc.
  • Capacity:
  • Above 30TPD
  • Major Equipment:
  • solvent extractor,DTDC,evaporation system,paraffin absorb system

Rice bran oil is the most healthy edible oil in daily life.It has high content of glutamin,which is effectively in prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel.

Solvent extraction is using oil extraction method and choosing an organic solvent which can dissolve oil, after contacting with pretreated oil– spray or immersion, so that oil can be extracted. As the boliling point of solvent and oil are different, after evaporation and stripping, the solvent are evaporating and we can get crude oil.

And normally solvent extraction workshop process is as followed:

Solvent– Extractor–Mixed oil —  1st and 2nd evaporation — Stripping tower — Crude oil

Wet meal — DTDC — Meal(use as animal feed)

Features of solvent extraction workshop:

1.Adopting negative pressure evaporation can ensure excellent oil quality

2.Extraction system is highly adaptable and can adapt to different raw material

3.All equipment is provided with exhaust gas absorption systems with excellent absorption effect

4.Full energy-saving design utilizes heat energy for many times and saves steam consumption.

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