Sesame Oil Production Line

  • Type:
  • Sesame oil production line
  • Processing Materrial:
  • Rapeseed/canola ,soybean, sesame, corn germ, sunflower seed, peanut,etc.
  • Capacity:
  • 30-5000TPD
  • Major Equipment:
  • Cooker,pre-press machine,solvent extractor,DTDC,condenser,refining tank,and other machine.

For the high oil content material,it will need pre-press,then the cake go to solvent extraction workshop,oil go to refining.

Solvent extraction workshop will add Hexane to extract the oil out.Micella will go to condenser system to separate the oil and solvent,oil go to refining,solvent will be reused.And cake go to DTDC to separate the cake and solvent,cake can be used as animal feed,solvent will be reused.

In the refining section,it adopts full continuous refining,will have 2 set centrifuge machine,high efficiency work,and good oil quality.Use heat exchange,save energy.

Features of sesame oil production line:

1)Solvent extraction workshop recycle the solvent,low solvent consumption

2)Refining workshop adopts heat exchange,save energy

3)After the solvent extraction,the solvent content in the cake <500ppm.

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